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Improve your business with the power of machine learning and image processing.

What is TrueSight?

TrueSight is a system solution that includes training, object detection, analysis and renderer modules.

TrueSight enables learning objects from 3D object models designed by manufacturers using Training Module machine learning methods.

The Image Processing Module determines the object on the image obtained from the camera. Overlaps the object and the 3D model.

The Display Module is shown by overlapping the 3D model and object.

The Analysis Module checks whether the features in the 3D model are in the product. If the parts in the 3D model are not found on the product or if the product is produced incorrectly, the errors are marked and displayed to the user through the interface and the image is recorded.

TrueSight's abilities:

  • Object training using a 3D model
  • Object detection using camera
  • Displaying the product and the 3D model by overlapping the object
  • Comparison and analysis of parts in 3D models and products
  • Display of analysis information and defective parts on the interface


Quality Control

Process Improvement



What does Truesight offer?

Faster Analysis

  • Comparison with AR support
  • Instant feedback
  • Mobile & Wireless

Higher Efficiency

  • Multiple control in a time
  • Automated quality control
  • Quick product check

Cost Reduction

  • Product control with AI
  • Detailed error log
  • More work in less time


You can select from TrueSight's solutions according to the needs of your company. You can choose according to your needs with three different solutions.

TrueSight Mobile

TrueSight Mobile overlaps the uploaded 3D model with the object. It is a software that runs on an Android tablet or augmented reality glasses. The user can select the desired model from the library. The user can compare the object with the 3D model and ensure that it matches the object. TrueSight Mobile allows to take notes on the snapshot, make markings, save the prepared image for later use, and send it as a message by using provided graphic features.

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Truesight Station

TrueSight Station is designed to create an automatic control system. It is a system that provides control of objects by using 3D models. The system is capable of learning objects with artificial intelligence from 3D models. If there are defect detections made on the image coming from the camera, the errors are recorded. The product is delivered after completing the training processes for the users. It is possible to provide artificial intelligence modules for the users who wish can have a wider use of the system. The system can work with a single camera, as well as multi-camera support. Optionally, it is possible to keep records of the controlled objects overlapped with a 3D model.

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Truesight Orbit

Truesight Orbit offers a dynamic working environment. It is a product that works on laptops. The user moves the camera on the model. Truesight Orbit can compare the object with the 3D model and allow the user to take notes on the snapshot with the graphic facilities provided, make markings, save the prepared image for later use, and send it as a message.

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